Featured among the contributors in issue No.1 of Adria Fintech Journal:

Edition No. 1 - Q4 2023

  • Ernst&Young
  • Logate
  • SECIT Security
  • Identyum
  • Kopa shopping

Table of contents:

Ernst&Young, South East EuropeStress Testing Kit: A journey of growth and iterative innovation

Exploring Growth and Innovation: Ernst & Young, South East Europe kicks off our journey with a deep dive into stress testing, exploring the path of growth and iterative innovation.


Pioneering Solutions for the Banking and Telecom Industry

Pioneering Solutions: Discover how LOGATE pioneers solutions for the banking and telecom industry, setting a new standard for excellence.


Interview with Dr. Miodrag Džodžo, founder of Adria Fintech Journal

Exclusive Interview: Get to know the visionary behind Adria Fintech Journal in an exclusive interview with Dr. Miodrag Džodžo, the founder.


Empowering Banking in the Balkans: Four Crucial Machine Learning Use Cases to look at in 2023

SECIT Cybersecurity

Ransomware, a threat that’s here to stay?

Navigating Cyber Threats: SECIT Cybersecurity explores the persistent threat of ransomware, shedding light on effective strategies to stay secure.


Banks and digital clients


Transforming Banking with Innovative Data and Automation Solutions

Revolutionizing Banking with Data and Automation: Expert group delves into transforming banking with innovative data and automation solutions.

KÖPA Shopping     

The Evolution of Shopping: KÖPA’s Innovative Approach to Streamlined Checkout

Innovative Approaches: Experience the evolution of shopping with KÖPA Shopping and uncover the streamlined checkout process revolutionizing the retail experience.

SIPOD Software     

Sipod’s Business Process Management Platform and Automation Solution for Fintech

Mini interview     

Empowering Digital Transformation: Insights from Sipod’s Director, Dejan Beciric

Insights from Industry Leaders: Gain insights from Sipod Software's Director, Dejan Beciric, on empowering digital transformation with their business process management platform.


User centricity in banking

User-Centric Banking: Explore the future of banking with FUTURELAB, emphasizing the significance of user-centricity in shaping the industry.


   Navigating Risk in Southeastern Europe’s Banking Sector

Navigating Risk: HYPERRISK Solutions guides us through the intricate landscape of risk navigation in Southeastern Europe’s banking sector.


Unlocking Growth and Customer Loyalty: The Power of Fintech Loyalty Programs for Banks in the SEE Region

Unlocking Growth with Digital Marketing: Understand the power of fintech loyalty programs with GLOBAL DIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAMS, unlocking growth and customer loyalty in the SEE region.


Aurora DMS: Revolutionizing Digital Archive Management for Banking

Revolutionizing Archive Management: Discover how CODEBEHIND's Aurora DMS is revolutionizing digital archive management for banking.

Calendar of events

Calendar of Upcoming Fintech Events in SEE

Upcoming Fintech Events: Stay in the loop with our comprehensive Calendar of Upcoming Fintech Events in SEE.


The Seventh eSecurity Conference 2023

Technobank event (ASIT)     

Technobank: Meeting of the Banking Elite And Technology


Mission Fintech’s Inclusive Fintech Solutions for Southeast Europe’s Banking Landscape

Sustainability Matters: Mission Fintech and ESG Training: MISSION FINTECH unveils inclusive fintech solutions, while ANOA provides essential ESG training for banks. Dive into our Carbon Footprint Report, offering insights on reducing your environmental impact.


ESG Traning for Banks

Carbon footprint report   

 Reduce your carbon footprint